Liquid Hands

Evoking Emotional States via Augmented Reality Music Visualizations

Music performances have transformed in unprecedented ways with the advent of digital music. Plenty of music visualizers enhance live performances in various forms, including LED display boards and Holographic illustrations. However, the impracticability of live performances due to the Covid-19 outbreak has led to event organizers adopting alternatives in virtual environments. In this work, we propose Liquid Hands, an Augmented Reality (AR) music visualizer system, wherein three-dimensional particles react to the flow of the music, forming a visually aesthetic escapade. With hand-particle interactions, Liquid Hands aims to enrich the music listening experience in one's personal space and bridge the gap between virtual and physical concerts. We intend to explore the psychological effects our system induces by conducting a pilot study, in which we measure the user's psychological state through Electroencephalography (EEG). We hypothesize that the proposed system will evoke emotions akin to those exhibited in live music performances.

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