Enabling Haptic Feedback in Augmented Reality through Visual Cues.

The rapid advancements in Augmented Reality (AR) have recently included hand tracking frameworks that allow a system to under- stand the placement of a user’s hand in virtual space, allowing for hand interactions with AR content. However, the lack of haptic feedback leaves the user confounded on whether or not their hand has successfully collided with the virtual content. Furthermore, in poke-to-select interactions, the user is unaware that they have triggered the selection process. VisuoTouch is a system that enables the semblance of haptic feedback by providing visual cues. The cue illuminates the spot where the finger collides with the object. If the user continues to push through, a virtual finger is visualised as bending against the object, following real-world physics. We hope that by demonstrating this interesting approach, we can facilitate further exploration in the effectiveness and usefulness of these visual-haptic cues.

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