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NASA International Space Apps Challenge

An Augmented Reality game which lets players design star systems and exoplanets. You win by placing your exoplanets in the Goldilocks (habitable) zone such that it sustains life.

My team and I designed an educational experience around an AR game. Various parameters can be adjusted in the game such as type of star, absolute magnitude of the star, volume and mass of the planet and distance of the planet from the star. By adjusting these various parameters the player wins the game by placing the exoplanet in the habitable or the Goldilocks zone so that it can sustain life. Feedback and hints are provided to the player on how they should go about it thereby making it an educational experience. Once the density of the planet is calculated using the user-entered mass and volume, it is compared to known planets in our solar system with similar densities. This helps in deciding what might be the composition of this exoplanet and hence as the user adjusts these parameters, they can see that their exoplanets resemble the ones in our solar system. They type of star [G,O,B,A,F,K,M] selected by the user will decide the luminosity of that star. Fun fact: Our sun is of the G type. Check out the gallery for the algorithms and calculations used. We designed the app such that it’s not just limited to students but engineers and scientists can use it too visualise and simulate other star systems.

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