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Research Projects

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    You can do anything you set your mind to

    A Brain-Computer Interface and Augmented Reality Neurofeedback to Treat ADHD: A Virtual Telekinesis Approach.

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    Enabling Haptic Feedback in Augmented Reality through Visual Cues.

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    IIMR: Intangible Interactions in Mixed Reality

    A framework for an accessible and inexpensive approach to prototyping hand interactions in Mixed Reality.

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    Liquid Hands

    Evoking Emotional States via Augmented Reality Music Visualizations

Hackathon Projects

  • NASA International Space Apps Challenge

    An Augmented Reality game which lets players design star systems and exoplanets. You win by placing your exoplanets in the Goldilocks (habitable) zone such that it sustains life.

  • Neospoon

    An AR Neurofeedback game in which you bend a virtual spoon with your mind, sort of like telekinesis.

  • Seeing Eye

    A mobile Augmented Reality application that helps the visually impaired to navigate in an indoor space by implementing spatial sound and persistent spatial anchors.

  • Persistent Geo-Spatial Augmented Reality for Marketing

    A mobile AR application that can engage or associate a customer with a brand so as to actually leading to the growth of the brand in terms of popularity and customer retention.

  • Farming 2049

    Visualisation of IoT sensor data in Augmented Reality for smart farming applications. Get instant access to Humidity, Temperature and Soil Moisture data via interactive graphs.

Other Projects

  • Tag View

    Tag view let’s you place virtual tags in the real world to assist with easier identification and recognition.

  • VisualizAR

    An AR Particle Music Visualizer. Get it on the App Store here!

  • BIM Visualization

    A mobile application to visualize 3D BIM models in Augmented Reality.

  • WebAR Business Card

    A web AR experience for your business cards.

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