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Persistent Geo-Spatial Augmented Reality for Marketing

A mobile AR application that can engage or associate a customer with a brand so as to actually leading to the growth of the brand in terms of popularity and customer retention.

The way the app works is, the users go to specific hotspots around them (Hotspots are shown on the map in reference to the user’s current location). After reaching the hotspot, the app switches to the camera feed and they’re prompted to scan the environment around them so as to locate the persistent AR experience instilled there by the brand. After playing the AR experience, the users get a gift voucher/cashback by the brand depending on the experience’s outcome. As an example, we’ve chosen the AR experience to be a Casino Slot Machine. The user gets two chances at the machine. If the user wins, they get a gift voucher worth a certain amount of money. Although to unlock the experience, the user has to enter a coupon code which is found on the back of the product (made by the same brand).

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