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Seeing Eye

A mobile Augmented Reality application that helps the visually impaired to navigate in an indoor space by implementing spatial sound and persistent spatial anchors.

Very often the visually impaired find it difficult to navigate indoor spaces and will often need to rely on people’s help and guidance. Seeing eye aims to solve this issue by giving them the courage and independence to safely get to their destination using just their smartphones. The app is an Augmented Reality (AR) application which by using spatial sound and carefully placed persistent anchors will guide visually impaired users to their destination. How does it work? Let’s say a corporate office, places virtual persistent anchors along various routes. For this example, let us consider the anchors are placed from the main lobby to the conference room. Now when a visually impaired user walks into the office, they will simply have to scan a QR code, and the anchors will be loaded onto their smartphone from the cloud. The user dictates to the phone where they want to go i.e the conference room. The app confirms if whether they are currently in the main lobby and prompts the user to move the phone around so it can recognize the surroundings. After recognising the first anchor, the app generates a spatial audio cue which grows louder as the user points the phone closer to the anchor. This way the app encourages the user to move closer to the anchor. After reaching the first anchor, it then directs the user to the 2nd anchor and so on, till they reach the conference room.

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