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A Hawking Eulogy

“We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.”

- Stephen Hawking

The doctors said he only had 2 years to live, 55 years ago.

They said he would never speak again, 33 years ago.

He stuck around until 2018 with one of the loudest voices on the planet.

Remembering Stephen Hawking, a renowned physicist, and an extraordinary man. His theories unlocked a universe of possibilities and his legacy will live on for time to come. Diagnosed with ALS at 21 and yet still solved science’s greatest mysteries, Stephen Hawking’s courage and persistence is and always will be an inspiration to me and everyone else regardless.

Stuck in a wheelchair for most of his life, he discovered that Black Holes did emit radiation (Hawking radiation), contradicting the fact that nothing could escape it. He authored a book which sold a dozen million copies. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom(US’s highest civilian honor) though not being an American citizen. A cameo in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and not to forget his sense of humor was as vast as the universe itself.

Reading “A Brief History of Time” was an exciting and unparalleled experience and would recommend it to everyone who would crave to have a “Woah!” moment at the end of every page.

He believed that the long-term future of the human race belonged in space and that we shouldn't have all our eggs in one basket(Earth). Let's honor him by hopefully averting to drop that basket until we have spread the load.

Goodbye Stephen Hawking. Thank you for sharing your beautiful mind with this pale blue dot.

A star just went out in the cosmos.


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